14 04 2009








We will heed the calls of the oppressed when justice is demanded.  Nicole, a rape victim of a U.S. marine and  a victim of poverty has accepted a deal for cash to recant her statement that she herself did not write.  We should not admonish or blame Nicole because she has been through a beating in court hearings after court hearings after being raped and thrown out a moving van.  

With the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), which allows U.S. soldiers to “train” with the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the sovereignty of the people is jeopardized.  In fact, U.S. soldiers have been seen engaging in combat operations against so called terrorists.  Many of the civilians who were killed by the U.S. Marine soldiers were either “suspected terrorists” or “collateral damage”- a nice way to say,

“oh shit, I fucked up and killed the wrong person.  My bad, but its okay because I can get away with it just like I can get away with Rape”

In 1992, the Filipino people were able to force U.S. bases off the grounds of the Philippines on the basis that U.S. military bases brought 1) increased prostitution and rape cases 2) Environmental damages and 3) A trampling of the Filipino rights to sovereignty.

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