China, 2nd to U.S. in Billionaires

17 04 2010

China, April 17th – Communist Capitalist China now has a total of 64 Billionaires in Mainland China, more than any other country besides the United States according to Forbes Magazine.

Since Deng Xiao Peng hijacked the helm in China’s Dictatorship of the Proletariat, he has mapped out a full plan to restore capitalism while paying socialism lip service- undoing the programs and campaigns of Mao Zedong’s cultural revolution as well the Great Leap Forward.

China - July 2009, Tonghua Steel Workers StrikerThe Cultural Revolution that allowed China to promote a popular culture of collectivity over individualism was decimated through time.  China would lose worker’s and peasant’s rights through the years and use the iconic people’s army to guard private industries against its own people.  As worker’s and peasant’s rights were plowed over for capital gains that has created a new threat to China’s people, strikes would blaze through the country such as last year’s Tongua Iron Steel Plant Strike where a manager fired its worker only to be beaten to death.  The boss who sent the manager was the 10th richest man in China.

Slogans like “Serve the People” meant to get intellectuals and Professionals to fully integrate their work to help the people are rarely practiced.  China is the new rising capitalist country ready to vie for power and resources against the current dominant United States.

As countries like China and United States duke it out to secure resources, costly wars will be averted with industrialize nations, however, nations such as Iraq, Palestine, India, and the Philippines will be used as battle grounds to absorb as much resource and profits as possible.

When countries like the United States go in deep recessions, all satellite colonies will be affected.  The only way to afford these costly wars of aggression, is to maintain the class struggle

China’s current rhetoric to make “our society fairer and more harmonious” is playing to deaf ears.  Since the fall of both the Great Leap Forward (Industrializing the Nation for social welfare) and the Cultural Revolution (promoting scientific mass orientated culture over individualism and profit) there has been no gains to democratic socialism in China and instead modern revisionism which has lead China to abandon socialism and follow the path of capitalism.

Strikes will continue to blaze through China, and the rich will continue to get rich while the poor suffer.  We have to remember there is always hope.


The Return of Concubines in China

18 09 2009

It’s not like Concubines suddenly left China and returned.  The changing make-up of the ever increasing fascist China Regime has overturned many accomplishments during the Cultural Revolution.  2 main benefits won with long and hard efforts by Chinese Communists during the time of Mao was abolishing the practice of footbinding and concubines.  Both practices were “ancient” feudal Chinese practices to limit the freedom of women.

A Painting of Concubines

A Painting of Concubines

ABC news reports that the citizens of China are upset at the rise of concubines amongst officials, those who have wealth.  However based on the interview, the citizens have ignored the real issue which is the reintroduction of capitalism.  The corrupt bureaucrat’s concubines are the one’s threatened with their lives when more education should be done with the people the root of the issue.  We can not blame the anger of the masses, however we should redirect the anger to promote a pro-people agenda.  Read the brief article here.

With the reintroduction of Capitalism, people’s rights are ever decreasing from the student free speech movement during 89′, to the large riots and rallies sparking around the country.  The youth generation are frustrated, workers are pissed, peasants are losing their land and ever so there is a need to reengage in dialogue, what was the purpose and the gains of the cultural revolution, and what should we do to gain our freedom back.   Read the rest of this entry »

Overcoming Debt and Analyzing Capitalism

9 04 2009

studentdebtCredit Card companies love college students for the sole reason that students get thrown a lot of responsibility to become an adult- why not prey on those students who only in yesteryear was just begging mom and dad for a new car, that iphone, and even that xbox 360.


Less than 2 years ago, I had accrued a debt of more than $9,000 primarily from placing my college tuition on my Chase Manhattan Credit Card.  Yes, this was fiscal irresponsibility, I could have taken loans out from school however I did not know the options.  I was desperate to stay and finish school that I did what most students with no money do, borrow.  In this case, I borrowed from my credit company and within several months I found myself behind on payments.  Many students, especially those of working class are generally not shown their options because many do not attend university tracked schools where resources are available to help students get into their preferred college and financial assistance is at hand.  

I did not know how to handle the pressures of debt and instead of consulting a financial advisor or ask family members for help, I decided to consult my friend, the bottle or as Ka Mabait would say, “poison”.  The bottle was how I escaped from the reality of my situation and in fact, that’s how many escape as well.  At this point the credit card company was coming after me for the slow payments.  


After becoming more and more depressed over the lingering fact that  the holes in my pocket just kept getting deeper and, my kasamas from the League of Filipino Students had a small intervention with the way I was living.  I took their suggestion and asked my mom if she would allow me back under her roof and she did willingly.  Next I called the credit card companies to see if I could work out a deal with them.  They were more than happy to work out a deal because most of the time they do not get their full payment even after taking people to court.  I planned on paying back $600 a month for about 15 months.  


Lucky for me, I had kasamas who had my back and a solid plan to get my ass back in reality instead of the wrong side of the bottle.  The League of Filipino Students did more than get me out of debt, they helped with providing the analysis and model of capitalism. 


As the world’s economy plunges because of the unstable U.S. economy, one has to wonder why that is.  The elites, the ones who hold the power and money have us to believe that our economy was fine for the past decade when in fact, it was already falling apart.  

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