18 09 2009
She is Revolution 3

She is Revolution 3

Art.illery is a blog with a pro-people kultural perspective with a women’s lens.  A good kasama who runs that blog has been doing dope art for a long time.  Her view on Arts,”Art, when used correctly, can serve a purpose beyond aesthetics.  It can arouse, inspire, educate, propagate, agitate, and empower (to name a few).  It can transform culture as we know it, a powerful weapon in any fight for liberation.  Now that’s ill!”.

Like Pablo Picasso, “Art is not made to decorate a room.  It is a offensive and defensive  weapon in defense against the enemy.”  Art.illery is used to defend the liberation movements of people’s struggle while promoting women’s rights!

Don’t make the confusion that Art.illery is out of touch with the people.  Her dope styles keeps it fresh and women and MEN love the art contributions.  I emphasized men because oftentimes, men get defensive about women’s issues-and internalize the criticisms as if all men were bad.  Let’s be concrete, there are different struggles that women face that men don’t.

By the way, women don’t just sit on the sidelines-they are active in changing history.

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