Taiwan Indigenous Peoples: 2nd Class Citizens

29 04 2010

During my first exposure trip to the Philippines in the summer of 2007, I met some Taiwanese exposurists with the Cordillera Peoples Alliance in Tabuk, Kalinga.  Through our short conversations and laughter we learned so much about each others culture, the differences and similarities.

We would find ourselves over the years in the same rooms or activities having those same conversations.  In Hong Kong 2009 during the International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS) Assembly, they allowed me to dance and sing their Indigenous customs.  We reconnected the following year in 2009 before the decentralized Cordi Days.  They had cooked delicious meal for all the staff in the Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) office.  In 2010, the Taiwanese came back with 25 other delegates from different Tribes in Taiwan to learn about how CPA spearheaded the disaster relief and prevention programs in far flung Indigenous Communities with the Cordillera Admistraion Region.

The Taiwanese delegates shared how similar their struggles are to all IPs around the world:  the colonists came and ruled over them.  Today, the government of Taiwan uses the calamities from the Typhoon Disasters as reasons to displace the IPs and “integrate” them into Taiwan modern society.

Only 2% of the population is Indigenous while the majority 98% are Han Chinese.

Indigenous People of Taiwan

During Cordi Day 2010, I had the chance to understand the issues of the many tribes from Taiwan.  Their struggle today is to promote the preservation of not just their culture about their tribe.  They are no longer confronting the government alone-they are seeking each other out, finding other tribes people who are willing to stand for the Indigenous People.  They are learning from the rich history of the Cordillera Indigenous People’s struggle against land-grabbing, large scale mining, forced displacement, discrimination, and much more.

Climate Change is a real issue affecting Indigenous People around the world.  Many tribes in Taiwan and the Cordillera face the cruel reality forced upon by the advancing of capitalist nations emitting the greenhouse gases that destroy the O-Zone layer, allowing the sun able to penetrate causing the warming of the planet and in some cases, more natural disasters including floods, typhoons, and droughts.

Their will to educate and fight for a better future for all IPs should be emulated by governments all over the world who genuinely care about Indigenous People.  We should emulate the delegates in striving to go beyond our day to day lives to learn about the issues and fight for what is just and what is right.


IRDC scales mountains to campaign for KATRIBU and progressive candidates

6 03 2010


Staff and Volunteers from Ifugao Resource and Development Center (IRDC) headed to the various municipalities in Ifugao Province to campaign for KATRIBU partylist (Partylist #158).

The Partylist which was founded by 25 Indigenous Peoples Organizations from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao promises for a just and peaceful soecity with the believe that each person has the significant role of defining the economic, social-cultural and political life of the whole Philippines.

Dogged by the military and slammed by corrupt government officials as being linked to communist organizations, KATRIBU refutes the allegations as part of the governments attempt to paint KATRIBU as subversive.

Go tell it to the Mountain

In fact, the government through its military arm attempts to go house to house and intimidate communities into not voting for progressive partylists.  KATRIBU Partylist like the other progressive partylist works hard on the ground to ensure social economic programs are realized.  The campaign coordinators, staff, and volunteers are well connected to their constituents.

The IRDC which is a member provincial chapter of the Cordillera People’s Alliance (CPA) is a strong supporter of KATRIBU because of the aim to foster inter tribal unity, the protection of the environment, culture and heritage, the dedication to eradicate poverty among Indigenous People.  KATRIBU’s commitment to Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Welfare has earned the endorsement of the IRDC through the CPA.

IRDC also chose to endorse and campaign for Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza for Senator for the hard work they have done to raise the bar in government accountability and service to the people.  Their peoples’ agenda fits perfectly with KATRIBU’s.

No matter where the military sticks its guns in communities, the staff and volunteers will be there to heed the will of the people and no matter how steep the mountains are to get KATRIBU elected, KATRIBU shall echo the collective will of the Indigenous People.

Bay Area Bayanihan for Victims of Ondoy Calendar Event

6 10 2009

Typhoon Ondoy floods the Philippines

Typhoon Ondoy floods the Philippines

(Please Spread the word)

Dear Friends, Families, and Supporters,

Last week a group of Bay Area community folks-church and human rights groups, community centers, women and student organizations, teachers and health care workers, teachers, bank and government employees — came together at the Daly City United Methodist Church to coordinate our Ondoy relief efforts.  

We united to  support each of our existing grassroots relief initiatives and coordinate efforts to have more of an impact. We feel the need to differentiate our efforts from larger, governmental and corporate efforts to emphasize the importance of everyday people helping out as best they can.

As a group, we also want to make sure that our relief goods directly reach the victims of Ondoy.  Given the concerns about poor distribution, misappropriation and/or corruption on the part of the Philippine government and/or other agencies, we are committed to responsible relief effort where we underscore the importance of accountability in making sure that our efforts actually reach those most affected by Ondoy.

Typhoon Ondoy has left 280,000 displaced (homeless)
More than
300 left dead after the devastation

Below are just some of the events initiated by members of the Bay Area Bayanihan for Typhoon Relief.

October 8thCare Package

“Care Package is a free event in an effort to raise awareness and send love to the typhoon victims in the Philippines.  The event features amazing artists such as Manny Garcia, michelle Martinez and Passion.

Location:  The CoHo:
459 Lagunia, No 1, Tresidder Union, Stanford CA
Time: 7-8:45pm

contact: stanford.pasu@gmail.com

-sponsored by the Pilipino American Student Union

October 9th – Avalos Fundraiser

Please join Excelcior District Supervisor John Avalos for a neighborhood fundraiser for the victims of the Philippine typhoons.

Location: Bottoms Up Bar
4704 Mission street (x Persia)
Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm

October 11th – Major “Fundraiser”

With the wake of all the tragedies striking INDONESIA, SAMOA, TONGA & PHILIPPINES, we would like to send our prayers and thought to all those that have lost a loved one.  We will be taking donations in form of Money, Clothing, Medicine & Canned Food. Money and Medicine goes a long way but we welcome Clothing and Food.

DJ FUZE (Digital Underground/Luniz/Extra Stout)
THE LEGENDARY PARTYROCKER falls thru to CELEBRATE HIS BIRTHDAY with the MÄJOR fam. And it’s indigenous people’s day holiday, so we’re off Monday and we need to come strong for a good cause because we got NO WORK MONDAY!!!.

as always your good hosts
DJ MPENZI + j s i g h t!!!!

Location:  Somar Bar
1727 Telegraph Street, Oakland CA
Time: 9pm – 2am

Sponsored by: MAJOR + SOMAR BAR + BAYAN USA get together to fundraise for the Victims of the Typhoon in the Philippines.

October 13th – San Francisco Progressives for Philippine Typhoon Relief:

Please join School Board Member Jane Kim and Supervisors John Avalos, Chris Daly, Eric Mar, and  for a fun-raiser for victims of the recent Philippine typhoons that have taken over 295 lives and have displaced thousands of families.

Location: Poleng Lounge
1751 Fulton st, San Francisco CA
Time: 8-10pm
Sliding scale donations at the door:  $10 – $1000

Organizational co-sponsors:  BABAE- SF, BAYAN-USA, Bindlestiff Theatres,
Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), League of Filipino Students- SFState,  Kasamahan (USF)

Proceeds will go to the most impacted communities through the grassroots efforts of  GABRIELA (a Philippine Women’s Alliance)  and BAYAN’s Bayanihan Alay sa Sambayanan (People’s Cooperation for the People)

October 17th – Serenata

Enjoy a night of intimate music, poetry, friends, food, wine fundraiser benefit concert for  workers’ families who have been severely affected by typhoon ondoy in the Philippines.

Performing artists: Ang Grupong Pendong & other guest musicians
silent auction of artworks by marconi calindas
concert & buffet dinner: $40

Location: 99 seaview drive, daly city ca 94015
Time: 6 pm (dinner buffet) 7 pm (concert)  8 pm (silent auction)

by invitation only: RSVP Joi, Nerve, or Mauro

Sponsored by: USCPWR (U.S. Committee for the Protection of Worker’s Rights)

Can’t be There But Want to Help?
Donate directly!
Donations can be made at www.bayanusa.org

Donation Drop off Sites
(We accept Balik Bayan boxes, Cash or Checks, Medical Supplies, Food (canned or dry), Blankets and Clothing, Basic Office or School Supplies, Toys or Kid’s Comfort Items)  You’re donation will go a long way and directly to those who need it most.  Thank you!

Filipino Community Center
Monday through Friday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
4681 Mission St., San Francisco CA

Liwanag Kultural Center
Monday, Thursday, Friday 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Sunday 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
222 Lausanne Ave, at the hillside Park Clubhouse, Daly City

Asian Pacific Islander Youth Promoting Advocacy & Leadership
Attn: Armael Malinis, AnakBayan-East Bay
Monday through Friday, 10:00 am-6:00 pm
310 Eighth St., suite 215, Oakland

United Methodist Church
Monday through Friday, 10:00 am-6:00 pm
474 Southgate Ave., Daly City.

Filipino Youth Coalition & Filipino Community Support
Monday through Friday, 10:00 am-6:00 pm
Corner of Kenesta Way and Clarice Drive, San Jose

Valley Faith United Methodist Church

1251 Sandia Ave., Sunnyvale.

For More Information, please check out our website:

from the Bay Area Bayanihan for Victims of Ondoy Community